10 Levels of Financial Independence And Early Retirement | How to Retire Early 11 months ago

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10 Levels of Financial Independence And Early Retirement | How to Retire Early.

Long-term financial goals can sometimes seem so big that they feel almost unattainable especially when we’re just getting started on our road to financial independence. I and many others like me in the financially independent, retired early community have found it helpful to break down the goal of becoming financially independent into smaller and more manageable levels of financial independence. Not only because it makes it easier for us to track our progress, which in turns helps us to stay motivated throughout the process, but also because it helps us get over that initial hurdle of starting to chip away at this mountain of a task. In today’s video, I’m going to take you through what I consider to be the 10 levels of financial independence as well as give an example on how to go from the first level to achieving Financial Independence in your lifetime.

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