Life With Financial Freedom - Happiness Vlog 2 years ago

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What will enrich your life, if you had all the money in the world? Watch this X

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What would we do, if we had all the money in the world?

It's interesting to think about how financial freedom will change us, not what financial freedom will GIVE us; because strange as it sounds, being financially free might have much less to do with the money itself, and much more to do with how our perspective towards fear and choices will change.

Some people make a lot of money and still fear losing it all, and therefore their fear drives them to constantly acquire more. This makes no different from a poor person who fears having no money. So whilst they make look like very different people on the outside, one rich and one poor, their fear makes them much more similar than we can imagine.

Money is not the root of all evil. Nor is money the solution to all problems. Internal conflict and suffering happens with or without money.

It is precisely because money can buy things that we mistake pleasure for happiness, because there's always a spike in our happiness whenever we experience something exquisite. But the initial euphoria wears off, and our happiness goes back to the same level as before, because money is not a superpower, all our insecurities and doubts and lack of ability to communicate have not suddenly or magically been resolved.

If we're cynical and melancholy, if we always feel sorry for ourselves or that we want to be better than others, or if we like we need to possess people to feel loved… these are traits that translates into issues that not only money cannot resolve, but may actually compound and amplify.

Being financially free may or may not give us freedom. It depends on our state of mind, and our approach to life itself. Money cannot buy friends, only acquaintances. Money can buy power, but it cannot buy respect.

This is why happiness is a choice. Only pleasure and euphoria is a product of circumstance.

What will we do to enrich our lives when we're financially free? We have to know this because maybe we'll find out that we don't actually need much money to do those things, and we can do them now. After all, a peace of mind isn't something money can buy. So choose to be happy, always.