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I saved $36,000 in 13 months doing The $1,000 Project. I focused on manifesting, saving, earning $1,000 at a time. As soon as I saved $1,000 I invested into shares which pay dividends (predominately blue chip industrial shares as well as some ETFs and LICs).

I did the following things to save and earn this money
- Rent my house out on Air BNB over the weekend (I did this with a friend and we took it in turns to stay at each others places whilst our homes were rented out)
- I did market research
- I sold furniture and clothes online
- I took my lunch to work
- I implemented more minimalism in my life
- I worked on weekends to earn extra money
- I wrote a book (The $1,000 Project)
- I built an app'
- I have quiet weekends at home
- I entertained in my home instead of bars and restaurants
- I did Frugal February
- I purchased clothes second hand to save money

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