Tony Robbins WHY YOU ARE POOR and How to Change That 2 years ago

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Tony Robbins The Success Cycle: How the Rich Stay Rich and the Poor Stay Poor

Anthony Robbins is my favorite motivational/inspirational speaker. Whenever I'm feeling stuck or just need a boost, I can always listen to Tony Robbins and instantly get a sense of inspiration.
In this video, Tony Robbins talks about why the rich stay rich and the poor stay poor. It all has to do with what you believe and he explains it by what he calls the success cycle. The first step he talks about it Potential. Every human being's potential is Unlimited! But the results we see don't help us believe we have unlimited potential. The reason for this is because people do not take enough ACTION, which is the next step in the success cycle. BUT.. you can take a lot of action with bad results. Results are the next step in the cycle which is self explanatory. Whether the results are good or bad, this then determines our beliefs/attitude which continues the cycle all over again. So if you have good results and are successful, you become more successful because you believe it can happen. When you have bad results this effects your beliefs negatively.
This all also relates to the law of attraction, especially the beliefs and having certainty. The more certain you are that you are attracting what you want and believe you already have what you are asking for, the faster you will attract it into your reality. With this success cycle, you can attract wealth, love, relationships, good health, anything you want!

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